Best day of your life starts hereThere simply is no better time to start to live out your dreams. All it actually takes is for you to set out a plan that is actionable and you are willing to put in the work towards it- it’s that simple.

So you may be wondering why everyone then doesn’t live the life of their dreams? If it’s that easy, why doesn’t anyone do it? Whilst there can be many explanations of why most people will never life out the life of their dreams, it’s typically down to one major reason most won’t. It’s down to ‘procrastination’.

In one form or another, procrastination is possibly the biggest dream killer out there that takes your laser focused dream or idea and starts to dismantle it. Whether you have a great idea that could make you millions or whether perhaps you want to start your own dream business, once that wave of initial energy subsides, procrastination will start to kill it.

How? Through creating fear, doubt or lack of belief in yourself. As those ugly elements try to take over your idea like a cancer, procrastination will be the fuel that will distract you long enough that you give it all away and just continue to do what you’ve always just done- and live a mediocre life you perhaps think you deserve.

For example, have you ever had a ‘light bulb’ moment where you thought of a product or service and ‘knew’ within yourself that it would be an instant hit? Perhaps it was something that dawned on you one day as you went about your normal business and realized that this solution would help thousands and there was no other solution like it on the market.

Excitedly, you mulled over this idea day and night, night and day. You knew it had the propensity to change your life from the profits and even have a legacy that you would always be remembered for.

So, what happened? Why aren’t you living that dream now? What stopped you on pushing through? You see, as a few days went by, whilst you knew that the idea was brilliant, you started to procrastinate about it. You got caught up in the “What if’s” or “how’s” and it paralysed the dream.

Fear of failure or perhaps even fear of success (yes that exists too!), doubt in yourself to pull it off or be able to negotiate with someone to manufacture your product- all these small things started to become insurmountable in your mind, to the point that you just let it pass and lived on.

But 6 months down the track, whilst shopping for something, you notice almost that exact product on the shelf or being advertised. You kick yourself- that was YOUR idea!! And yet, you failed to commit to this dream. Why? You lacked belief in it.

Thomas Edison QuoteAnd there lies the secret! Your dreams can transform, depending on your beliefs. The level of your belief system will usually determine the life you currently lead right now.

For example, how come you hear of millionaires that have do something which deems them legally bankrupt, only to hear that they are back in business, and in somewhat miraculous time, they have regained all that lost wealth and are back on top? How about a tennis super star, who has lost a major grand slam opportunity, only to go against all odds for the next tournament and score the million dollar prize money?

Contrast this to the average person who may try something, whether it be business, sports, a new hobby and so forth, fails at it and closes the chapter in their life for good.

What’s the difference in these two types of people? Clearly both have chased after something new, but one keeps going whilst the other gives up.
Sure, persistence is definitely a factor, but in order to be persistent and not give up, one must believe it’s possible. The millionaire who’s had a poor financial experience or the tennis super star from the example above, have already experienced a dream they went after and because of that experience, their believe system enabled them to recover and return to their former glory- so to speak.

The other person who sets out to achieve his dream, fails on first or second attempt, is more than likely to possess the belief system that “…this was a bad idea” or “…it will never work”. But, not to get discouraged…You do NOT require experience to have a strong belief system that can help you manifest your dreams.
Achieving Your Dreams…

We know a vital component to achieving your dreams can rely heavily on your belief system. “If you believe it, you can achieve it”.
So, how do you go about conditioning your belief system?

Write Down Your Goal/Dream/Vision

Write down your goalsThe first thing you want to do is to write down what it is you are trying to achieve. Write this down in as much detail as you possibly can.
You need to write it down as it can start to become a plan for your dream. Don’t worry at this point whether you have all the resources or know everything there is to know to make it happen either.

That sort of unnecessary pressure can water the soil where procrastination resides! Your dream only requires imagination and just a rough idea at this point.

Create A Burning Desire

If you’ve read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, you’d recall that he outlines this step as a vital form of oxygen to breathe into your dream. You want to create an intense emotion for yourself, seeing this dream of yours come to fruition. Close your eyes and start to see yourself live this dream already.

If for example you wanted to become a writer, see your name on several best selling books! This is the core of the operation where your belief level was push you through to the finish line. Create a vision board of your dream/s. Stick pictures or write down your personal goals onto this piece of paper and look at it several times a day.

If you’d prefer to get more modern with this approach, you could invest in 'done for you' digital vision board, where you watch it on the way to work. These powerful methods will start to change your belief system gradually- empowering and equipping you with the right amount of fuel to keep you driving forward.

Create A Small Actionable Plan

Write down your plan for itWhilst you’re emotionally exciting about seeing your dream become reality, you need to start to write down small steps to get yourself started on the journey.

At this point, you still may not have all the necessary skills, contacts or knowledge to see this dream blossom, but rest assured- you don’t need it at this point.

You do however want to write down some small actionable steps that you can take for the next week and perhaps the next month as well.
These could be as simple as “Spend 2 hours on Thursday to investigate market potential”. Keep it simple and keep it actionable so you keep motivated.

Believe & Watch Miracles Happen To Make Your Dream Reality

As you commit to these small tasks weekly, you will find yourself ‘opening more doors’ towards your dream. Remember, it does take ‘action’ coupled with strong convicting beliefs to realize any dream. Think about an Olympic athlete for example. They start off with a dream and they take small but daily action working hard towards that vision- to be the best at what they do.

How hard they work or how much ‘natural’ ability they have, stems from that initial belief that they have in themselves. As they train towards their goal, their belief system grows. On the bad days, they might need reassurance from the coach that they can still make it.

And, through that support to their belief systems for themselves, you can see just how important it is as that persistence and that vision, gives them the greatest chance on the podium for gold.

Your dream can start to manifest itself in your life today. But, you’re utter belief in that dream and your absolute commitment into envisaging it over and over again in your mind will open magical doors and see it come true. They say history repeats itself. And, with this in mind, in following the steps as outlined above, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that if this methodology has successfully worked for so many people throughout time-that it won’t work in exactly the same way for you.

Are you ready to live the life of your dream?