destroying FearPersonal improvement holds the keys to your future – of your dreams, and its right within your grasp.

If you aren’t living the life you’d hoped for, I’m willing to bet it’s because of fear. Fear is the big dream-destroyer. It makes a business owner hide in the shadows while the competition says ‘yes’ to new opportunities. It makes you doubt yourself. It clouds thinking, limits possibilities and minimizes potential. Fear MUST be managed if you expect to be happy and successful.

You may’ve heard fear defined as “false evidence appearing real.” We’re not talking about primal fears of bodily harm, but the fears we conjure in our heads. Those fears are based not on reality but on mental images that we create.

Our Minds = Extraordinary Power

When you think about dreams and your future, what do the mental images look like? Are they exciting and positive images of personal improvement, or full of struggle and hardship? Do you see abundance – or worry? It’s common to see good in the beginning – when you’re excited about a dream; and as things get rolling, you may start to focus on what could go wrong. That shift in mindset can spell doom!

All dreams typically have slow and rocky beginnings. People know this, yet when it’s happening to them, they panic. They allow fear to take a hold – but the problem is, fear doesn’t let go easily. Ride out the first few waves of uncertainty and enjoy the following Personal improvement secrets:

1. Shut down the fear with mental silence: You can instantly silence the relentless negative thoughts by saying, “Shhhhh” like an ocean wave gently washing ashore. Do this any time you feel a twinge of fear. Relax into the sound.

Control Your Emotions2. Take control of your emotional response: Emotions are electrochemical responses to a thought. It takes 90 seconds for the emotion to enter your system and be flushed out again. To control your response, focus on the emotion itself but avoid fixating on the thoughts that generated it. Ride it out for 90 seconds and then respond calmly instead of emotionally.

3. Visualize a positive outcome: Focus on what can go right, not wrong. If you can picture the worst, you can picture the best! To do this, start by training yourself to instantly replace a negative mental image with a personal improvement image of positivity. Focus intently on the positive image. What you think about comes about so don’t give energy to negativity!

4. Act anyway: Humans like security, familiarity, and feel comfort in what our eyes see. We prefer to avoid the unknown. Learn to overcome that automatic avoidance response by acknowledging your mind’s desire to keep you safe, and take action anyway with personal improvement. Action makes fear go away. Be careful – busy work is not action; it’s avoidance!. So is procrastination, and they’re both based on fear. Real action means doing the uncomfortable, scary things – that move your dreams in the right direction.

5. Don’t be afraid to fail or mess up: Failure and mistakes are valuable lessons so don’t be intimidated by the possibility. Get back up, dust yourself off and keep going, armed with new knowledge of how not to do things.

These are just a few tips for managing fear and building confidence. Only fear is holding you back from living the dream you envision. Success depends on your mindset! Choose to overcome your fears and launch into success with these amazing personal improvement secrets.


A Better Posture To Change Your Life

Keeping Good PostureAre you looking for a way to improve your health, confidence and overall happiness? Have you felt inferior to other men or women – whether in the gym, grocery store or at the beach? Do you ever wonder the reasons you’re even here?

If so, taking a closer look at proper posture can be a HUGE help.

Your Posture = A Hidden Key

Now this may sound silly at first, but re-developing our posture can impact our lives in tremendous ways. Also, it is something that each of us can begin doing on our own, today, in the privacy of our own homes. Does it get any better than that? How would you like to improve your health, confidence and happiness – all without leaving the privacy of your home?

For many of us, say the word ” good posture” and we tend to turn our noses, for we think our posture is just fine. This is natural; we humans tend to attack any and all criticism that comes our direction, whether it’s good or bad. It’s not ever easy to hear the things we need work on, for it is our nature to desire praise, not criticism. However, for many of us, listening to the constructive criticism in our lives can be one of the greatest decisions of our lives.


Your Posture = How Others See You

Posture is the overall foundation of our outer self. Everything about our outer appearance is connected to our posture, whether it be our facial expressions, our walk, or even when we sit or stand. Considering how many areas our posture directly affects us, how harmful do you think it can be to have an unhealthy posture? Also, consider that our posture is a representation of who we are, and is directly related to our overall confidence.

Do you wonder why certain people just seem to have everything go right for them, all the time? Notice how they walk. Notice how they talk. Notice how they move. This is important, because a huge majority of the people who are successful have developed a strong posture, and those who are struggling and with low self-confidence do not.

When put this way, it almost sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Guess what? It is.

Take Action with Your Posture – Today

If you are looking to boost your overall self-confidence quickly, decide to examine your posture and ask others of their opinion as well. You might not always like what you hear, but make sure they are being completely honest with you. If you want to make changes, you must first know where to begin.

Once you have discovered areas for improvement, maintain a “state of awareness” of yourself and these areas until you have achieved your goals.
Posture is key – and a powerful key at that – so work at it until you are fully satisfied with the “New You”.