Expanding the mindWhen the subject of Personal Improvement comes up in my mind, many thoughts and opinions follow. I believe that the most powerful way to help another is with one word: knowledge – specifically, knowledge that you have generated or come across in your own life. Here, I will share with you one of the most powerful pieces of knowledge

I have ever come across in my life.


The Subject: Mind Expansion

You may ask, “Is there anything that can truly help me and improve my ability to meditate?” To that, I say YES!

There is definitely a way to help ANYONE become better at meditating. There is an instrument called a light and sound machine, which looks like a portable cassette player. This device has headphones, glasses, and a cassette-like terminal that holds various binaural beats. Before going into further detail, I would first like to say this: This is the most powerful machine I have ever come across! If you are looking for dramatic results in a much shorter time, this is the greatest resource you will ever find.

Okay. Now to the fun part – why this mind machine is so important.


Binaural Beats and the Mind Machine

Binaural beats – a phenomenon that emerged in the mid-1800’s but became more widely known in the latter part of the 20th century – has been linked to increased memory, weight loss, addiction treatments, and deep states of relaxation. A very detailed article on the subject can be found here.

Put simply, binaural beats are brain wave frequencies which stimulate various parts of the brain. There are 4 binaural frequencies which each interact with different functions of the brain: “delta”, “theta”, “alpha”, and “beta”. To keep it as simple as possible, each frequency is used for certain things.

For example: “beta” wave frequencies can be used to improve awareness and concentration as well as lower stress and anxiety. “Alpha” wave frequencies are highly known for increasing one’s learning ability. “Theta” wave frequencies induce deep states of meditation and healing. “Delta” wave frequencies are great for inducing deep sleep and relaxation.

A mind machine utilizes each one of these specific frequencies by creating “sessions” where a user can focus on each individual area of their choosing.


Using the Power of Light

power from lightNow that you know more about binaural beats, and why they can be so effective, I would like to describe the other powerful part of this awesome machine -the LED light-emitting glasses.

Over 40% of our brain responds to light, whereas about 15% is associated with sound. This means that the importance of adding visual imagery and light patterns is HUGE. It is one thing to put on headphones and listen to binaural beats on your own, which I had tried previously with only small success. It is a completely different story once you begin adding light to these brainwave frequencies, a light which has the ability to open far greater states of consciousness and control over our entire being.