limitless potentialIf I were to say that outside your naked eye rested a powerful and infinite source of spiritual energy, would you believe me?

How about a statement that endless opportunities are meant specifically for you, and all you have to do is ask?

In fact, there’s a tremendous power within you, so great, that any problem you currently face could be destroyed… A power so great, that when put to use, anything you desire can be accomplished.
No matter how this may sound to you at first, this is not some wishy-washy idea, but a proven fact. Keep reading – I’ll tell you how you can find your secret power.


Me – The Original Skeptic

I used to not have a clue about my own power, and rejected outright the very idea of it due to the negative situations that continuously occurred throughout my life. You could not have told me that my own negative attitude had actually created these circumstances. You would not have been able to tell me that my “luck” in life had absolutely nothing to do with “luck” but instead came from the way I looked at life. You could not have convinced me that I was in control of my universe, and that everything I had been experiencing was directly related to the way that I thought and felt.

So, if you are looking at this article like it’s just a bunch of “Blah blah blah”, then I completely understand where you are coming from. You are, in fact, the very person for which this article was written – someone who is just like me. You may have formed your own opinions about life and how things work by now. From these beliefs and opinions you may have centered your own life around them accordingly.

Completely understandable. So did I.

In fact, let me explain a little about my preconceived notions on life…


My Life, My Experiences – and My Potential

Sad child being abandonedBy the time I was 10, I had been adopted and been through three divorces. To say the least, I was deeply affected by this, and as a result, my overall outlook on life was tremendously distorted. As you might imagine, I had extreme abandonment issues that tore through my soul as I grew older. Another thing that continued to grow was my overall negative attitude toward life. I didn’t feel worthy of anything, I had low self-esteem, and I was also highly self-conscious of the way I looked to others.

Little did I know, all this was due to the experiences I had faced when I was younger. I was forced into therapy by my mother, but had absolutely no interest in talking about my experiences. As a result, I would hold on to these experiences for many years, with them only growing worse as I aged.

Without going into too much detail about myself in this article, I will only say that if I knew then what I know now, I could have been a child prodigy at a very early age. However, like most of us out there, we are not properly informed, or just flat out aren’t ready to deal with those horrifying experiences from the past. Overall, it turned out for the best, because as I aged, I struggled, and as I struggled, I learned, and as I learned I began asking questions, and as I began asking questions, I sought after the answers, and so on and so on.

The point of all this? My overall hardships in life ended up being the greatest tools to my current success.

So, let’s now get into the heart of the subject.


You Are Limitless!!!

When I say this, I do not mean it figuratively or in a joking manner. I mean it with every fiber and ounce of my being. All of the answers to life can be found within ourselves. Through experience we grow. Through knowledge we digest. Through failure we become great. Do not become like many others in life who think that since they have failed in some areas that they are unable to be as successful as others.

In fact, when you look at some of the greatest successes in life, you will find that over 75% of them encountered obstacles, challenges, and setbacks right before their greatest breakthroughs. Henry Ford, the founder of the V-8 engine, is a prime example.

When he expressed the idea of creating an eight-cylinder engine to his team, they were certain it would fail. When he informed his engineers to design and create this far-fetched idea, they were 100% sure it wasn’t possible. After 6 months, then a year, where the engineers had made no progress whatsoever, Henry Ford directed them to continue, no matter what, and not to stop until it was done.

This was baffling to everyone but Henry Ford, for he had a vision, and was certain it would come to life. Sure enough, this level of determination proved successful, and a short time later breakthroughs were made, and the very first eight-cylinder engine was created.


Believe In Your Limitless Potential

Henry Ford makes a v8Henry Ford is only one example. There are countless other success moguls who share a similar story. No matter what you may face along your path, do not lose your determination to accomplish your goals, and know that every failure you encounter along your journey serves a purpose in the end result.

Maybe you have struggled with following through with things, and as soon as something adverse came into your life, you would almost certainly abandon ship. Maybe you were meant to rethink your approach, and, as a result, created a far superior alternative. There are so many examples of how our struggles and failures can prove to be catalyst’s to our later successes. You are no different!!!

The only limits in life are the ones that we form for ourselves. This is a fact. Ask any highly-successful people how they were able to achieve what they had. They will surely tell you that they believed in limitless possibilities, even when others thought it to be impossible.

This information is only the tip of a tremendous iceberg in total transformation. One thing for certain, however, is this: you must know that you have limitless potential, and everything will become possible.

You will look at life differently. You will become more creative. You will have far more confidence in your ability. All of this WILL come once you learn to have a LIMITLESS mindset in life.